Club Boats Kayak and SUP Terms of Use

Club Boats, Kayaks and SUPs

  • MMYC Boats, Kayaks and SUPs are only for the use of club members, their children, and guests.
  • Life jackets must always be worn.
  • Young children must be accompanied by an adult club member and remain within sight of the club.


Except during club events, they are not permitted to be used:

  • if a strong wind, gale, or storm warning for Port Phillip Bay is current – refer to BoM Warnings
  • when the average wind speed is over 14 knots – refer to MMYC Weather
  • in offshore winds - from northeast to southeast – refer to MMYC Weather.


  • Boats, Kayaks and SUPs must be booked using the MMYC booking system – you must log in to the MMYC website
  • During busy periods return Boats, Kayaks and SUPs to MMYC within 1 hour.
  • Wash and return all equipment to its storage space immediately after use. Do not leave on the beach.


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