Volunteer Roles

On race days, a roster of member volunteers is maintained to assist club officials in the smooth and safe running of the sailing program. There are roles both on the water and off the water in the club tower, with additional roles onshore for special events such as regattas. Email notifications are used to remind rostered members prior to a shift. 

Race Day Roles

Volunteers are required from 5 pm for Wednesday twilight sailing and at 12 midday for Sunday Club racing. Click on each of the roles to read a position description:

Race Officer (on start boat) 

Start boat crew x 2  (position description coming soon)

Tower Officer and Tower Assistant 

Course boat driver and crew 

Patrol boat driver and crew 

Scorer  (position description coming soon)


Race Management Resources

The following resources are useful for everyone participating in conducting races, particularly Race Officers and Course Setters.

Guide to course setting and race management at MMYC - coming soon

2021 - 2024 The Racing Rules of Sailing with Australian Sailing Prescriptions 

Australian Sailing Resource page 

Club Race Officer Seminar Presentation  - from the Australian Sailing Club Race Officer Course

Australian Sailing's Online Mark Laying Course  

Patrol Boats Resources

5 Stages of a Rescue

1. Swift Response

2. Count Heads

3. Right the Boat

4. Free the Sailor/s

5. Recover the Sailor/s

Recovery Techniques

The following video shows a number of different recovery techniques for Patrol Boats to use depending on what type of boat they are recovering and the situation.

Kill Cords

It is mandatory that kill cords be worn by boat drivers whenever the engine is running. A kill cord must be worn around your thigh; if you need to move further around the boat switch off the engine. A spare kill cord must be onboard each time a boat is used.


Training and Qualifications

All boat drivers must hold a marine licence. You can apply for a marine licence through VicRoads 

A record of member qualifications is maintained on the club database. You can log in to the club website to see which qualifications have been recorded against your profile. If you need to update your profile to include previously acquired qualifications (Marine licence, WWCC, first aid etc) they can be added via the Australian Sailing site here. 

The club regularly sends volunteers to attend accredited training in the areas of Powerboat Handling, Safety Boat Operator, Club Race Officer and First Aid. More information on course content and dates can be found on the Australian Sailing Course Finder page.


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